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25 August, 2009
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Dear, Mr. James S.,

1. The ability to think.
2. To react and response to others with deviations.
3. To learn and accumulate knowledge.

In another word, someone like you.

As I used to say, “Live and Death so simple. People imagine because of fears. I have it, so I admit it.” I am not an atheist. The God exist physically. The traditional concept of the God is a mistake from the past. In fact, she is our mother-in-common. The establishment of all religions in the world is the heritage from both the God and our ancestors.

Dear Mr. James S.,

Thank you very much for your reply.

It is not a conclusion yet.

It is not a business of education. It is the question of the nature of the God.

The God is our mother-in-common. Definitions of living things have to be revised. Consciousness is the only way to define living things. As I have mentioned above, only animals and insects are living things because they are conscious. We are the offspring of the God (the Earth). Plants can grow and their diversification belongs to the conscious object, the God (the Earth).

As I used to say, “The power of the God comes from birth. Light is the initial."

Maybe we should say goodbye to the Stone Ages.

I am still working on it right now.

Dear James S.,

As I used to say, “Beginner the God and with her end, brings us ours."

She is eternal to all of us.

Languages are barriers of geographical divisions.
They are used for communications, but not manipulations.
I can, if I would love to.

Life is a natural process from the date of your birth, growth, aging and death.
Life can be a treasure.
Life can be heaven. It can be something more.

I believe in the God, not for reigions.
I only believe in the truth.
I believe in science, but not imaginations.

It is not perception.

The God is actually a conscious Earth.

The God is our mother-in-common, but her lust for power drives her away from charity and love.

Lives have no secrets. Live and death is a natural process of lives.

I said, "Souls are comfort." Lies must kill. Truth may save.

Imaginations created various religious sects.
Both the God and we establish them.
The God is only a glorified image of herself.
Her manipulations of power gifted by birth make her children suffer.

She is obviously not the one we expected.
I am turning against her because her lust for power is killing everyone.
Confessions of the God should not exist.
She never feels guilty for treating her children as slaves.

The ignorance of the truth that the Earth is a conscious living object is murdering everyone.

I am sorry for telling all of you the truth.

Peace will not be. The End will never be an end.

We are children of the God (a Conscious Earth, our mother-in-common in reality).
We are not slaves.
We are a unity, floating in the space endlessly.

The Truth cannot be denied.
Lies must kill. Truth may save.
I am one of you (because we are a family).

Fraternity is the NATURE of the God.
Unconditional Love can only be given by the God (because she gives you everything you want from your birth until death).
Original Sins do not exist because we are parts of her “life cycles”.

You can distinguish the differences in-between the dead (surrounding planets/ control experiment) and the alive (the Earth).
Lives are lives in different levels.

Peace will not be, not until everyone wakes up.


Reputations must come from the God.
(Then) History will give me an answer.

The God is "A Conscious Earth".
You are wasting our time on endless debate of a "GOD" in your DREAMS.
Once again, I am giving PHILOSOPHERS a Conscious Earth.

I am wasting my time on waking us up.
We are children of the God,
but we are murdering her by our DREAMS.