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21 September 2009
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Live cannot be eternal. There is nothing apart from “lives”.

Lives in different levels.

Live has its beginning, birth.
Live has its ending, death.

You are alive, living in a living object which give you birth.

Morality is not my concern because the living object you lived in is not someone we expected.
We pray her as “the God".
She is actually our mother-in-common.

"Eternity" exists only if you are living in her body.

You see the surrounding planets.
You saw the dead planet surrounding us.
You will have an answer after thinking a while.

The God enforced her own ideals on our world.
She has created superstitions/witnesses/miracles by her gifted power from birth.

You can “explain” souls, accept it by “faiths”, but it cannot be announced in front of and widely accepted by the public

Someone has tried to use “mathematic equations” to prove the existence of soul.
Think for a while.
“How to calculate the reproduction process by animals (living objects)?”