Your Majesty
Total Episodes:  16
Find out the song of the Truth Teller in the attachments.
A Teller is the Teller in the Holy Bible if you are Seeking.
"I have a tale to tell." He wants the freedom of speeches.
"With the will of the God, a Philosopher will bring you peace."
"I will make you in history."
"You have my words."
If it is a war, where is my place of rest?
If the rests do not lie on me, where should I be?
A Philosopher lost himself in a place of greed.
"I have a Dream." I heard someone.
"To free you from the prison of anger and blindness."
"To free you from the infections of AIDs and diseases."
"To free you from the extinctions of our planet."
"It's all gone." He is depressed.
"Our mother wants me to free us all, but I failed."
"Beginner the God and with her end, bring us ours."
"Shakespeare will never come back." I heard someone.
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Chapter 1:    Your Majesty
                       Published on 26 December 2009 (UCT+8 15:52)
Chapter 2:    Song of the Dead
Chapter 3:    No Academic Freedom
Chapter 4:    The Fall of Troy
Chapter 5:    A Hundred Men
Chapter 6:    The First Lord
Chapter 7:    Son of the Lion
Chapter 8:    Chapter on the Beginning
Chapter 9:    Civil War Ended
Chapter 10:   Lord Wellington
Chapter 11:   The Faculty of English 1919
Chapter 12:   Spells on New Theory
Chapter 13:   Victory in the Future
Chapter 14:   A Confession of the Truth Teller
Chapter 15:   An Invitation Letter
Chapter 16:   The End
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