The philosophy and mindset of religion forum trolls

Posted by Teru Wong on Friday, December 24, 2010 In : Catholic Answer Forums 
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24 Dec 2010
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Inappropriate Manipulations from the God

Illusions and witnesses are so alike. Eyewitnesses can seldom be found.
The God abused the GIFTED POWER FROM BIRTH to enforce her will on us.
Many people are being forced to enter “silence”.
Because the God is invisible, the manipulations become more and more serious.
The power of the God...

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Calculating the Odds of life

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17 Oct 2010
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The struggles between determinism and randomness always come to the same conclusion.
Determinism trend to have subjective selection of information received (Psychology).
Randomness favors the scientific minds (e.g. Darwinism – everyone was born to be).
Randomness prevails

The manipulation of the God, which I strongly believed ...

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